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Residential Design


Residential Design from Idea to a successfully permitted project and everything in between. We provide project fesiblity research, exterior and interior design, construction documentation, permitting submissions, planning, 3D photorealistic renderings and more.

Construction Plans

-Single Family Homes

-Guest Homes

-Detached Garages and Shops


This is a general overview of the types of projects we design. 


We also take the hassle out of your project and will submit all documentation to your municipality to obtain building permits. Municipalities we currently submit for permits to include...

-City of Flagstaff

-Coconino County

-City of Sedona

-Yavapai County

-Ouray County

-City of Ouray

-Town of Telluride

-Ridgeway County

(928) 864-9325 or


We also have the ability to create photorealistic 3D renderings of your project to aide in the design process. This is especially helpful if the client needs to visualize the final build before submitting for permits and is required by some HOA's.

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